Tendonitis | Shoulder & Joint Health

Tendonitis (Also spelt:Tendinitis), to put it simply; Tendonitis is inflammation of the tendon. The condition of Tendonitis can vary from minor to severe which can result in minor nagging to acute pain in Chronically Damaged Tendons becoming Increasingly Inflamed if not treated correctly. Tendons are the fibrous white tissue that connect our muscles to our bones. And, just like muscles, Tendons require Strengthening, exercise and proper nutrition in order to operate efficiently. Tendons are equally as if not more susceptible to damage and injury than muscles are due to their highly responsible work load and their physiological vulnerability. As mentioned in other articles, tendons connect muscle to bone, ligaments connect bone to bone and facias connect muscle to muscle. Every Tendon, Ligament, Muscle, Bone or Organ is made up of particular cells with their own biological and bio mechanical systems that are constantly going through metabolic processes in order to keep each cell alive, healthy and operating efficiently to keep the cells entire system in peak condition.  Whilst the metabolic process in your body (Life and the world around you) requires the constant balance of maintenance, breakdown and repair. Metabolic processes of which  are anabolic, metabolic and catabolic (Rebuild, Maintain and Breakdown). If you look after your body, these 3 processes should operate in synergy and Health Conditions Should Never Arise. Obviously, some degree of pain and fatigue is inevitable. And, depending on your activity and lifestyle, pain, exhaustion and fatigue are simply your body’s biological mechanisms speaking to you. But chronic pain and severe injury is only the outcome of physiological negligence and the result of a weak link in the process of Maintainence, Breakdown and Repair. Other than acute trauma as a result of a major accident, every human being, and living organism, if provided the correct resources should always remain In optimal health.

The pain associated with injuries are generally due to the inflammation surrounding the damaged cells. Inflammation is your body’s innate response to healing injuries, or beginning the biological processes of identifying an injury, breaking down and removing detrimental cells (damaged, diseased, infectious or foreign cells) to begin the anabolic process of rebuilding the cells needed whilst reconstructing and ultimately healing an injury. You Can Read  More About The Cellular Processes Involved With Healing Different Injury Types Here.

Getting to the point, Tendon Injuries and Inadvertent Response/Symptoms Resulting In Tendonitis. There are many ways you can cause damage to tendons, there are also many ways to prevent or minimise the risk of damaging tendons and there are many ways to reduce the symptoms whilst healing the damage once it has occured. Obviously the severity of which an injury can be treated for is subjective and the resilience of which tendons can tolerate before an injury occurs is subjective. In saying that, there are numerous things that can be done irrespective to subjectivity that can and will reduce and ultimately minimise any risk of you suffering with short, mid or long term side affects and pain from unhealthy or injured tendons. The same applies to every aspect of the human body, Primarily Muscle, Tendon, Ligament, Cartilage and Bone Health and it’s relativity to Joint Health. All Things Musculoskeletal, NeuroMuscular and Even Psychological Well-being is Heavily Affected by Diet, Exercise and your Day to Day Lifestyle.