Sleep Education | Sleep, Circadian Rhythm & Energy

Sleep; Biology Of The Human Brain, Body, Regulatory Sleep Behaviours And The Overwhelming Complexity Of Modern Life.

  • Photons, Its Affect On The Retina And Changes Within The Brain Dictating Brain And Body Rejuvenating Regulatory Sleep Behaviours
  • Pain Induced Anxiety And Autonomic Central Nervous System Excitation Inhibiting Rest And Repair. Forcing Your Body To Ignore Natural Circadian Rhythm Sleep/Wake Cycle. Resulting In Chronic Stress And Extreme Fatigue.
  • Melatonin Release When Darkness And Security Is Recognised. Use Melatonin Supplements Before Using ANY Synthetic Sleep Medication.
  • Alternative Sensory Input Distraction Methods To Avoid Being Trapped In A Chronically Stressed State Or To Activate Different Senses In The Brain To Distract Focus Away From Chronic Physical Pain Or Chronic Anxiety. To Allow Your Body Enter A Relaxed Enough State To Release Melatonin And Enter A Rest And Digest Sleep Cycle. So If Paired With Good Nutrition, Your Body May Actually Regenerate And Repair The Damage Causing The Pain.

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